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Our digital learning agency develops tailor-made teaching tools that put the learner at the center.

Our methodology is structured around 4 pillars: engaging, developing, summarizing and validating learning.

Our expertise in storytelling and our know-how in graphic design enable us to create modules that stand out from the ordinary, combining different media such as comics, videos, infographics, serious games, quizzes and podcasts.

Our e-learning courses can be delivered in SCORM format and can be adapted to various LMS platforms (Moodle, 360learning, Agora Learning...).

Explanatory video for your training courses

Animated videos can be used to explain complex subjects in a very short space of time. Scribing and motion design are ideal for this purpose.

Explanatory videos are an excellent medium for e-learning, for presenting a complex subject, or for raising awareness of a topic on social networks. Video animation can go one step further than film, by depicting elements that are difficult to capture on camera.

Educational comics

Thanks to the power of storytelling, comics are a powerful tool for improving information retention.

Educational comics skilfully blend visual art and instructive content, offering a playful and effective approach to conveying complex knowledge. It stimulates engagement and information retention.

Summary infographics to sum it all up

Infographics can be used to create mental diagrams that make it easier to anchor and prioritize information.

Whether used to explain processes, present data or illustrate abstract ideas, infographics offer a visual, didactic approach that encourages the assimilation of knowledge. In short, it represents an effective and engaging means of acquiring and retaining important information. It acts as a mind map.

Serious games for a new way of learning

The serious game is a tool for active learning. You learn by playing. They can be digital or physical (maps, board games).

We develop tailor-made learning systems that put the learner at the center. We create modules that are out of the ordinary, combining different playful media such as comics, videos, infographics, quizzes and podcasts.

E-learning for training

E-learning remains one of the best tools for training teams independently. The combination of listening and exercise phases helps to validate what has been learned.

Our pedagogical engineers develop tailor-made learning systems that put the learner at the center.

We create modules that are out of the ordinary, combining a variety of entertaining media such as comics, videos, computer graphics and quizzes.

What is digital learning?

What are the advantages of creating e-learning modules for your company?

How much does it cost to create digital learning materials?

The agency’s creativity, responsiveness and professionalism enabled us to present materials that were modern, educational and perfectly in tune with the image of our department, which was undergoing a complete transformation.

Testimonial #1
Direction Communication - EDF

I was impressed by Your-Comics’ ability to deliver projects to tight deadlines. The designs were always meticulous, creative and to the point.

Testimonial #2
Head of Graphic Design - BNP Paribas

I highly recommend the services of Your-Comics. Not only do they have real expertise in graphic design, they also have a strong advisory capacity to make even the most complex data accessible.

Testimonial #3
Chef de projet Communication - Weber Shandwick

Your Comics’ ability to immerse itself in sometimes technical subjects, and its agility in delivering polished layouts, contributed greatly to the success of our projects.

Testimonial #4
Direction Communication - SFR

The quality of our services and the consistency and availability of our teams are major assets. Your-Comics delivers a high level of customer service.

Testimonial #5
Ministère des Armées

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