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Our graphic design agency makes your messages more intelligible

Thanks to our expertise in storytelling and graphic design, we have the ability to understand and prioritize complex data, transforming it into a simple, effective and intelligible infographic.

Our datavisualizations are suitable for both print and digital, and can be static, interactive or animated.

Our Paris-based graphic design agency has won several awards, including the Grand Prix Stratégies de la Communication.

Infographics to present a process

Infographics can be used to show, step by step, the different key points of a process. In this infographic, for example, we see the stages of an industrial process.

Effective graphic design captures attention and conveys messages intuitively. Here, we chose an isometric style and created a graphic charter to create a collection spirit.

Infographics to explain

Infographics transform the way information is presented and understood, making messages more attractive and accessible.

Here we see the various pieces of equipment developed by SAFRAN in the aerospace sector.

At Your-Comics, we combine creativity, technical expertise and an in-depth understanding of visual communication to offer our customers unique and effective solutions.

Barometer infographics for presenting trends

Barometer infographics can be used to highlight trends or key figures.

We harmoniously integrate typography, colors and images to tell a story that will have a greater impact on the reader.

Data visualization for better data representation

Data visualization is the visual representation of complex data to facilitate understanding and analysis. It uses graphs, tables and other visual elements to highlight trends, patterns or key information.

Mapping to present trends

Cartography plays a crucial role in representing and understanding our geographical environment.

Your-Comics has a team of graphic designers specialized in cartography.


The agency’s creativity, responsiveness and professionalism enabled us to present materials that were modern, educational and perfectly in tune with the image of our department, which was undergoing a complete transformation.

Testimonial #1
Direction Communication - EDF

I was impressed by Your-Comics’ ability to deliver projects to tight deadlines. The designs were always meticulous, creative and to the point.

Testimonial #2
Head of Graphic Design - BNP Paribas

I highly recommend the services of Your-Comics. Not only do they have real expertise in graphic design, they also have a strong advisory capacity to make even the most complex data accessible.

Testimonial #3
Chef de projet Communication - Weber Shandwick

Your Comics’ ability to immerse itself in sometimes technical subjects, and its agility in delivering polished layouts, contributed greatly to the success of our projects.

Testimonial #4
Direction Communication - SFR

The quality of our services and the consistency and availability of our teams are major assets. Your-Comics delivers a high level of customer service.

Testimonial #5
Ministère des Armées

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