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With the mass of information that is shared internally, it's important to create communication media that grab employees' attention and encourage greater commitment.

We use our expertise in storytelling and graphic design to create scenarios and visuals with which employees can easily identify. Cognitive science studies have shown that this type of communication is 40% more effective at retaining information than traditional communication.

Our products come in a variety of formats, and can be adapted to both print and digital: web series, comic strips, videos, infographics, podcasts, posters, booklets...

Raising your employee's awareness

Videos, comic strips and computer graphics are some of the best ways of raising employee awareness.

Raising awareness internally is essential to align all members of the organization with the company's objectives and vision. Awareness topics can encompass corporate strategy, internal policies, change management, diversity and inclusion, cybersecurity, occupational health and safety, among others.

Train your employees

E-learning is an excellent tool for training employees, especially if it combines different media such as video, infographics and exercises.

Training internal employees is essential to optimize their performance and the company's overall efficiency. Various complex or sensitive subjects such as RGPD, corporate fraud or CSR can be the subject of specific, tailor-made e-learning.

Getting people to embrace change

To get people on board with change, you need to create tailor-made communication systems that capture their attention, reassure them and move them into action.

As change management is a complex process, we set up tailor-made internal communication systems that take into account the different stakeholders, the different communication channels and the different challenges (timing, complexity, etc.).

Building loyalty with a strong employer brand

Film, motion design and computer graphics are powerful media for creating a strong employer brand.

Transparent internal communication and regular recognition strengthen employees' sense of belonging. By cultivating a strong employer brand, the company attracts, engages and retains talent, contributing to its long-term growth and success.

The agency’s creativity, responsiveness and professionalism enabled us to present materials that were modern, educational and perfectly in tune with the image of our department, which was undergoing a complete transformation.

Testimonial #1
Direction Communication - EDF

I was impressed by Your-Comics’ ability to deliver projects to tight deadlines. The designs were always meticulous, creative and to the point.

Testimonial #2
Head of Graphic Design - BNP Paribas

I highly recommend the services of Your-Comics. Not only do they have real expertise in graphic design, they also have a strong advisory capacity to make even the most complex data accessible.

Testimonial #3
Chef de projet Communication - Weber Shandwick

Your Comics’ ability to immerse itself in sometimes technical subjects, and its agility in delivering polished layouts, contributed greatly to the success of our projects.

Testimonial #4
Direction Communication - SFR

The quality of our services and the consistency and availability of our teams are major assets. Your-Comics delivers a high level of customer service.

Testimonial #5
Ministère des Armées

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