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Your-Comics is one of the leading French agencies in animated video production today. Whether it's an institutional video, an instructional video for your employees, or a teaser for social networks, our motion design agency will accompany you through the entire creative process: script writing, choice of graphic universe, storyboard, animation, voice-over and subtitling.

All our animations are entirely customized, and we create a 100% personalized visual universe that is consistent with your brand identity. Plus, our expertise in storytelling and our wide range of graphics will allow us to create a highly-effective visual language capable of producing maximum impact in terms of attention, understanding and retention of information.

A 2D animated video agency expert

Motion design can be defined as the art of animating diagrams. Thus, this consists of animating different graphic elements such as images, pictograms or typography, all synchronized with sound or a voice-over. The most commonly used style in 2D is flat design, as in the CRIPS example video. Thanks to its dynamism and variety of graphic styles, motion design can address all problems.

Whiteboard animation agency

A whiteboard animation is a type of video characterized by a hand illustrating a story or script narrated by a voice-over on a whiteboard. To be effective, scribing videos typically last between 2 and 5 minutes. They are often used for educational purposes.

Cartoon Agency: communicate with cartoons

Cartoon video takes up the traditional cartoon style. All the images are drawn by hand and the animation is often done frame by frame. Due to its higher price, it is often used for videos with a commercial or advertising purpose.

Tutorial Video Agency - Creating Educational Videos

The tutorial video explains certain things step by step. It is useful for highlighting the features of a software, for example, or for explaining a process.

The agency’s creativity, responsiveness and professionalism enabled us to present materials that were modern, educational and perfectly in tune with the image of our department, which was undergoing a complete transformation.

logo edf
Direction Communication - EDF

I was impressed by Your-Comics’ ability to deliver projects to tight deadlines. The designs were always meticulous, creative and to the point.

logo bnp paribas
Head of Graphic Design - BNP Paribas

I highly recommend the services of Your-Comics. Not only do they have real expertise in graphic design, they also have a strong advisory capacity to make even the most complex data accessible.

logo veolia
Communication - Veolia

Your Comics’ ability to immerse itself in sometimes technical subjects, and its agility in delivering polished layouts, contributed greatly to the success of our projects.

logo sfr
Direction Communication - SFR

The quality of our services and the consistency and availability of our teams are major assets. Your-Comics delivers a high level of customer service.

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Ministère des Armées

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