Motion Design – Carbon neutrality
1 September 2023
Wired motion design – Saint Gobain
3 September 2023

Video presentation of 53 Haussmann real estate project

To showcase this new address in one of the capital's most prestigious districts, our Your-Comics agency undertook the creation of an animated video, in collaboration with graphic designer Solène Debiès and the Impact Communication & Design agency.

The choice of graphic style quickly turned to realistic illustrations and a streamlined style, combining traditional cartoon features and luxury codes. This made it possible to depict the renovated building while the work was still in progress. The drawings also serve as print advertising on the building's scaffolding.

This video communication, which is published on social networks as well as on their website, bridges the gap between the building renovation project and the opening of a lively, fashionable space.

Cartoon – Real Estate Project
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