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16 October 2023
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16 October 2023

Webseries BD - Communicating during COVID

Let's face it, when we're going through a crisis - personal or professional - making an effort to communicate isn't our top priority. We think we need to refocus on ourselves, on our problem, and the rest will come later. Well, that's a mistake.
If there's one lesson the health crisis of 2020 has taught companies, it's this: As counter-intuitive as it may sound, it's when the situation is chaotic and control seems to be slipping away from you that you need to redouble your communication efforts.

We're not saying this to defend our steak (we'll do that in the last paragraph), but for your own good. Whether or not you choose to use an agency, don't stop communicating in times of crisis!
And while you're at it, don't hesitate to be original, for example by using narrative communication, also known as storytelling. This is what the Bureau Interprofessionnel des Vins de Bourgogne chose to do in 2020, in its crisis communication campaign on confinement.

Why use storytelling to communicate in times of crisis?

Storytelling soothes, encourages and reinforces optimism: it lets you show your target audience that you understand their problems, and that you share them. In the midst of a difficult period, recalling past crises and recounting how they were overcome can make you more optimistic. Talking about past successes can also bring a dose of energy.
It allows you to talk about a wide range of subjects: the company, its history, its daily life, its employees, its products, its users and so on. A change of subject or theme can also calm the spirits and allow recipients to think about something other than the crisis for a while.

It makes information easier to understand and remember. Communications sometimes go unnoticed, due to lack of time or interest on the part of their recipients. But by mixing information with storytelling, your message is more likely to be seen, looked at and remembered.

It allows you to stay in your readers' minds and reinforce their support for your cause. You can use storytelling to remind your target audience of your brand and develop its image.

For example, during the confinement, Vins de Bourgogne reminded people that they could still enjoy good wine - and at the same time support wine merchants and winemakers - through little dramatizations of everyday life in which all "confinees" could recognize themselves. These little stories showed that Burgundy wines were there for us, bringing sweetness and joy to our hectic daily lives.

But you have to be honest about the situation. Whether the crisis is due to a mistake on your part or is totally out of your control, as is the case today with COVID 19, you have to be honest about what's going on. Sooner or later, the truth will come out. If you've withheld information from your audience or embellished your situation, you may pay dearly.

Your-comics: the art of storytelling in times of crisis

For this campaign, we asked the client to :

  • Playing with current events: creating illustrations that targets could identify with.
  • Aesthetics: to catch the eye of Internet users.
  • Focus on storytelling: tell stories to arouse the curiosity of Internet users.
  • Add a touch of humor: to create a bond and attachment to the BIVB and this campaign.

The creation of this project followed a well-defined process. First, we selected a list of 10 names of Burgundian climates that could be the subject of stories (Les Beauregards, Tonton Marcel, La mission, Passetemps, etc.).

We then devised wordless story scenarios in 2 to 4 panels around these names.

At the same time, we validated a graphic style with the customer, in a light, poetic and refined spirit.

We then followed a schedule established with the customer to submit the illustrations in pencil first, then finalized.

Our educational communications agency uses storytelling and the creation of original graphic universes to make complex concepts accessible and attractive. Do you have a project in mind? Give us a call, we'll be delighted to discuss it with you and help you with your project!

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