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20 October 2023
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20 October 2023

Video interview - Evernex

Video for better selling

The video format is now widely used to make a concept, product, service or brand easier to understand and more appealing.

When well produced - meaning with the right style, the right tone, the right length, the right channel and, of course, the right script - video produces excellent results with web users: interest, understanding of the message, retention of information, attachment to the brand, and so on.

And believe us, there are video formats to suit every need and budget: motion design, datavisualization, stock image editing, even professional interviews.

Let's take a few minutes to extol the virtues of the latter...

The interview: show off!

You want to promote your product or service, you know it better than anyone else, you've already talked about it a thousand times, and you regularly give demos... You've got your message down pat, and you know how to convince the people you're talking to. So who better than you to present it to your entire target audience? Here are a few tips to make your video interview success.

Interviews with managers or employees, or customer testimonials, also help build the confidence of potential buyers. By talking about your offer in your own words, you help your target audience to project themselves, and to understand that there is commitment and passion behind its development. Interviews convey emotions, and make the message more authentic, real and realistic, building trust with potential buyers.

Emmanuel Roland, CEO of Evernex, recently lent himself to the exercise with Your-Comics. In a few well-chosen words (he knows his stuff!), he presents the concept, the creation process, and the main features of the new CARE offer.

Motion design to accompany a testimonial video

Evernex's CARE video features a mix of film footage and motion design.

Why is this? The use of motion design activates the visual memory of those watching the video.

How does it work? By mixing voice-over (in this case, that of Emmanuel Roland) and animation techniques. This is the best way to illustrate the ideas and concepts presented in the video interview.

Don't forget the subtitles: in the interests of accessibility, and because we often watch videos without sound (social networks, trade shows, etc.), we've recommended adding subtitles, as we do all the time!

Motion design interview - presentation video

To go further... give your employees a voice

Rarely put in the spotlight, your employees are in the best position to talk about your products and services, because they're the ones who invent, build and sell them. They know the strengths of each offering, and know how to talk about them.

Giving a voice to an employee also means offering another point of view, another vision, sometimes closer to the consumer's expectations.

Interview Evernex Company
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