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1 October 2023
Manga – Health awareness
13 October 2023

Motion Data - AKDN in figures

The Aga Khan Development Network brings together various development agencies, institutions and programs working to improve the quality of life of people in the poorest regions of Asia and Africa. As part of international events, this organization wanted to create a dynamic, modern medium to showcase its major achievements over recent years.

Until then, AKDN had used a filmed video to highlight its key figures, but this was too long, and the footage not always of good quality. Returning to the field to shoot new clips was out of budget and would take too much time, especially since from a scheduling point of view, the video had to be finalized in less than 8 days.

We therefore decided to create a motion design highlighting the different cultures the organization works with, and used morphing and parallax techniques to make the video dynamic.

The video was translated into several languages, including Russian.

The video created a real buzz on social networks and was one of the top3 videos with the greatest reach and engagement.

Motion Data – AKDN in figures
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