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16 October 2023
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16 October 2023

Change Management Campaign - CRM Migration

1. Reassuring employees

To reassure employees, the first step was to create a world where everyone could recognize themselves. We personified each of the trades involved in the migration. It was important at this stage to highlight the diversity of the team.

personnage campagne change management

We then created an initial 90-second video. The aim of this video was twofold: to attract the attention of the employees (by personifying the different trades in the first 15 seconds of the video) and to expose a common problem requiring a change of tool.


2. Show employees the added value

At this stage, the idea is to show employees the added value that the new CRM can bring them in a global way. The aim here is not to go into too much detail, but to provide a macro understanding of the benefits of the tool at every stage.

To this end, we've created two videos that present the benefits in a practical way:
- In their internal processes and how CRM communicates with other internal tools
- In the context of A real sale with A customer (Process from A to Z)

We've also created an infographic to summarize the information (see above). The infographic complements the videos and serves to summarize the sales process and the use of tools at each stage.

The infographic helps the target to better memorize the different elements shared in the various tools, and enables them to create a kind of mental map with the various pieces of information.


3) Train employees in best practices

To train employees in CRM best practices, we decided to use a static medium in the form of a comic booklet. Static support allows everyone to assimilate the information at their own pace. Here's the booklet

The comic strip achieves an attention rate 4 times higher than a simple text. Similarly, information retention is increased by 40%.

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