Explanatory video – Big Data in real estate
16 October 2023
Comic strip – Vitiligo
16 October 2023

Cartoon - Wastewater treatment

For this customer, we created a character and a graphic environment that is concrete and recognizable at first glance to highlight the device: Grey Pro Saver®, which is a gray water recycling unit (residential, commercial and process water).

This project involved 3 key stages:

1 - Creation of a graphic universe in line with the customer's message. Here, we decided to create a character in the shape of a drop of water. The idea was to have a strong message that would arouse visitors' curiosity.

2 - Creation of a scenario without voice-overs, adapted for trade shows.

3 - Animating the video in a cartoon style to bring the character to life and present a crucial subject in a light-hearted way.

Promotional video – Wastewater Solutions
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