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Our legal design agency makes your legal content more accessible

Your-Comics is one of the pioneering Legal Design agencies in France.

Le Legal Design is a process that makes legal information more accessible from the point of view of the final recipient of the message.

Legal Design is not intended to replace legal texts. Rather, it facilitates reading and highlights the important points.

Today, our agency supports CAC40 legal departments through customized training, the creation of more accessible legal supports, the creation of compliance tools and the creation of interactive contracts.

Legal design to raise awareness of new regulations

Legal design makes it easier to explain a new law or regulation (e.g. Sapin 2, MIF2, RGPD, data protection laws...).
Several visual aids can be used for this: comic strips, infographics, videos or even a booklet.

Train your employees on compliance issues

Legal and compliance issues are often complex for uninitiated employees to grasp. Creating training modules based on their issues helps to answer their questions and avoid disputes.

Our e-learning modules can be integrated into your LMS in SCORM format.

Several subjects can be covered: anti-corruption, antitrust, fraud, gift policy…

Legal design to equip your teams

Legal design isn't just about creating visual aids, it's also about rethinking procedures and equipping teams to facilitate their work. Here's an example of an interactive PDF that shows project managers the different stages of compliance according to their actions and scope.

Rethink your contracts for greater transparency

Today, almost no-one reads contracts in their entirety, because they are so indigestible. We've tried to solve this problem by creating interactive contracts that serve as a reading grid for the basic contract.

Introduce yourself to legal design with our tailor-made face-to-face training courses

We offer tailor-made, modular training courses. By selecting the modules that correspond to your level and needs, you can create a training program that suits you.

On request, we can customize certain modules with exercises specific to your company.

The agency’s creativity, responsiveness and professionalism enabled us to present materials that were modern, educational and perfectly in tune with the image of our department, which was undergoing a complete transformation.

logo edf
Direction Communication - EDF

I was impressed by Your-Comics’ ability to deliver projects to tight deadlines. The designs were always meticulous, creative and to the point.

logo bnp paribas
Head of Graphic Design - BNP Paribas

I highly recommend the services of Your-Comics. Not only do they have real expertise in graphic design, they also have a strong advisory capacity to make even the most complex data accessible.

logo veolia
Communication - Veolia

Your Comics’ ability to immerse itself in sometimes technical subjects, and its agility in delivering polished layouts, contributed greatly to the success of our projects.

logo sfr
Direction Communication - SFR

The quality of our services and the consistency and availability of our teams are major assets. Your-Comics delivers a high level of customer service.

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Ministère des Armées

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