Wired motion design – Saint Gobain
3 September 2023
Motion Design – Computer tool promotion
5 September 2023

Whiteboard Animation for TV

This scribing video is a teaser that was created with the aim of turning it into a TV show called "Les pourquoi? This series answers all the questions we ask ourselves (or not) on a daily basis.

We created a light, semi-realistic video to fit in with the educational/humorous angle of the series. The video was created in 3 key stages:

1 - Creation of the graphic universe. We proposed several styles in line with the series' angle. This style also had to be adaptable to other subjects.

2 – Creation of a detailed storyboard, with images that were light but in keeping with the reality of the subject (particularly historical). At this stage, the customer was able to provide feedback before we moved on to the animation.

3 – Creation of the animation with a hand drawing on a whiteboard, just like in our History lessons.

Whiteboard Animation – The Forch
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